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How to setup web on Ar800V V3.0 modem

How to setup web on Ar800V V3.0 modem:

To tack together the electronic equipment for the primary time, you would like to attach the electronic equipment to a pc. you'll realize four local area network ports (Network ports) at the rear of your BSNL ADSL electronic equipment. Connect a Network cable (LAN cable) to any of those four ports and connect the opposite finish to the network port of your desktop or laptop computer.

Once you've got connected a network cable from BSNL electronic equipment local area network port (you will use any of 4 local area network ports on modem) to your laptop computer or desktop; we will launch an online browser to tack together web.
Let’s begin

1. Open web adventurer browser on your laptop computer or microcomputer.
2. Type: (or simply at the address bar of web adventurer.
3. currently the screen can seem like the one provided below.

4. Enter the User name and parole,by default user name is admin and parole is admin

5. Once you login, you'll be at the summary page as shown below.
6. At constant page, underneath Configuration, click on web association.

7. Next to PVC Name: pppoe_0_35 and Protocol: PPPoE LlcBridged, you'll realize associate degree Edit  button.
8. Click on the Edit button (Please check below provided screenshot).

9. Once you click on Edit, it'll open “Configure ATM PVC” page.
10. At the “Configure ARM PVC” page, check the values area unit as shown below:

 11. Once you're done, Click Next button.
12. choose LLC/SNAP for Encapsulation kind. Click Next.

13. At tack together WAN scientific discipline Settings window, choose settings as shown below:

14. Once you done, click Next button.
15. currently you'll be at tack together Broadband User Name and parole page as shown below.

16. currently enter the values provided by BSNL web Service supplier.
17. Once you're done, click Next button.
18. currently you'll be at the outline page as shown below.

19. Click Apply button.
20. permits 1-5 minutes for the changes to require impact.
21. Congrats, you've got with success designed web on your electronic equipment.
How to setup Wireless web on Ar800V V3.0 modem:
Before you tack together wireless web on Ar800V V3.0 modem, you would like to finish higher than aforesaid steps. Once you've got completed higher than aforesaid steps, then you'll proceed to tack together Wireless (WLAN or Wi-Fi) on this electronic equipment.
Let’s begin
1. At the most page of electronic equipment, underneath Configuration, click on Wireless Network.

2. build the changes as explained below Or table provided below(Check below 2 images):

3. Here is that the settings that you just ought to make the Wireless web to figure.

4. Once you created the changes, click make sure button.
5. permits 1-5 minutes for the changes to require impact.
6. Congrats, you've got with success designed Wireless on your BSNL AR800V v3.0 modem.

You can activate Wireless on your laptop computer or mobile phone currently. you'll realize a replacement Wireless Network (The name you entered for Network Name) is offered. once asked for the Wireless parole, you would like to enter the WPA Pass Share key you entered. WPA Pass Share is that the Wireless parole.

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